Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nose Twitch, Eyes Blink or Snap of the Fingers?

We've been discussing special powers on the Sourcebooks groups loop. What would I want? And would I make sure to use my gift for the greater good and not for my own personal gratification?

I love the idea of twitching my nose and the house would be all clean and dinner in the oven. I'd love to teleport where I need to go. Save on gas and headaches when traffic's heavy. And manipulating time? Could I do a lot with that gift!

There's times I like to fix things. Fix problems. Comfort people to where their hurts go away. That type of stress. But what if that was my gift? What if someone had a problem and I could fix it and make sure they'd have no more worries. It could backfire on me too. People have problems with a friend or co worker and expect me to make things better.

Then my gift becomes a problem for me. But I still want the gift! Therefore, I'll keep the gift of fixing, but instead of outright fixing, I'll have the knowledge to steer someone in the right direction. At the same time, they'll think I'm Wonder Woman because my house is always clean--please don't show up at the door to see if it's true because trust me, it's not!--a gourmet dinner is always served. Not around here! And I have time to do everything I need to and get where I need to go with no muss and no fuss.

So if we talk about powers and wishes, I'd have to say my gift was working to make my wish come true with finding the right home for my witches.

What wishes do you have?