Sunday, May 18, 2008

I DREAM OF IRON MAN, or Why I can't stop thinking about Robert Downey Jr.

Having just gotten home from seeing Iron Man for the second time, (which was every bit as good as the first!) I feel compelled to blog about someone who has intrigued me for years: Robert Downey Jr.
Is it his rapid-fire delivery, is it his turn-me-to-mush eyes, or is it the whole delectable package? Don't know. Don't care. The man does something to me. Probably the eyes mostly; I know I've used those eyes as a starting point to build many a dreamy hero around.

We've all heard about his escapades and troubles with substance abuse, and I'm so glad to have him back in the kind of role he should have had all along. As an actor, he's just plain brilliant. Not to mention cute. But is he a hero? I think so. He's a survivor. He's overcome obstacles--most of them within himself. My hat's off to him, and those eyes can still melt my heart just like they did when I first saw him, oh, so many years ago.

And sure, we see actors in many guises, but the romantic in all of us can't help but respond to this:Enjoy every last bit of him!