Monday, May 19, 2008

My New Cover!

My Hex Appeal Cover!

I’ve got to say I love it and I know Jazz loves the shoes.

Once I finished 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover I knew there was more to tell and why I gave it a bit of a hanging feel to the end.

So it’s a few months later, Jazz and Nick are together, but all still isn’t right in their world. To make matters worse, Fluff and Puff are in trouble and could end up destroyed. Not that Jazz would allow it. After all, if anyone’s going to torture the mischievous slippers it will be her.

I wanted to set up the problems via dreams since it’s been said dreams are our subconscious at work. So what would happen in their dreams? Would they be connected to their past, to their future or both?

Is Jazz still involved with curse elimination?

And what’s Irma up to? Is Dweezil, Jazz’s creature of a boss, still adding to his vintage erotica collection? Could Krebs, her mortal housemate, finally find his true love?

And could Jazz and Nick find a way around that nasty ole a witch’s blood is poisonous to a vampire problem? Or does he blunt his fangs during their romantic moments?

Do we get to see more of her witch friends she sees as the sisters of her heart?

Lots of questions, but not that I’ll answer them.

I don’t even give up movie endings no matter how much a friend begs or threatens. Plus, what can I say, I want you to buy the book!

Hints, I’ll do. Thanks to a stroke of luck, Jazz ends up with a mega designer wardrobe; Irma gets more involved even when Jazz doesn’t want her to. And remember Detective Larkin in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover? He’s in for a surprise too. Along with Jazz’s little run in with a big bad vampire who doesn’t like Jazz anymore than she likes him, who just might show up down the road. Along with a pair of crocodile stilettos that have a life, literally, of their own.

I’ve talked about dreams and given you hints about the next book. What do your dreams tell you? What do you wish they told you?