Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Super

Happy Friday, everyone! With all the talk about special powers this week, I got thinking about which superhero I'd be, ability-wise, if I got to pick. One name immediately popped into my head (which was good, because if I think too hard for extended periods of time you can't find anything in there through the smoke). Laugh if you wanna, but I'm going to go with morphing into a superVILLAIN, Lady Death Strike.

So what appeals, you might ask? Well, I don't actually want to annihilate people, so it isn't that. I just want the Wolverine-esque claws and superhuman fighting ability. Well, and I want to look as good as she does in skintight black leather. I would, of course, use my kick-butt powers for good. And also to steal Cyclops away from Jean Gray, as long as he continued to look like the James Marsden version:-) Yeah, yeah...I know the real Lady Death Strike was a mind-controlled baddie who killed on command. But watching her fight was one of the coolest parts of X2, and though she might trip over her own two feet a little more often if I inhabited her skin, if I got to design my own superhero-ness, it would look a lot like her. Um, minus the mindless bloodlust thing.

So for Friday, and a little mindless fun (the best kind at the end of another long week), if you could become any superhero/villain, who would it be?

Have an awesome weekend!